cirusku, les - vzdelavaj sa

1.,The reason why 50% of Americans don't know the sun is a star is because the foreign geniuses don't want to move here anymore, as they see us as too dumb of a country. That is why we haven't been back to the Moon, as popular culture took over the heads of the average person and made less people emerge smart. The only way we can get smarter is if we make the popular world smart.

2., Mercury, to close to the sun, Venus an acid death, Sure, seems like NASA doesn't want us to really see what is going on, only they can and then tell us,,, ah don't look we will tell you everything YOU need to know, those days are over! hello sunships,, look how they describe you will burn up like a turkey,, SEE, screw lying suck grant face scientist GOV own flunkies! ONEs who found the truth are DEAD

Ne, 20/04/2014 - 16:50 Ja som sa vzdelaval do 24

Ja som sa vzdelaval do 24 rokov v skole a potom zo zivotnych skusenosti a to az pokial clovek nezomre.Ucime sa stale. PS. Ake zaujimave ze mas "nick" Stastie", naozaj stastnym mi ale nepripadas. Ja napriklad stastnym som a to skoro stale.

Ut, 22/04/2014 - 18:47 Cirkus ci Les to je jedno

Ty mi pripadas velmi stastny ved ryby Cirkus chyta z obyvacky tak sa mas v Amerike dobre - ha-ha-ha. Takze toto hocikto v Amerike nema len on - Les ci Cirkus!!